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with more ideas.
Five more!

Idea Italiana is an enterprise network that brings together the expertise of
five companies working in the communication sector.

Idea Italiana. Your partner with solid values.

Interdisciplinary approach

At Idea Italiana, professionals from all spheres of communication work to create integrated offline, digital, video, trade fair and retail projects.


For every project, Idea Italiana offers clients a single contact as their go-to person dedicated to ensuring the project runs efficiently.


Idea Italiana has the resources to deploy select teams with specialist skill sets not easily found within a single agency.

International experience

Idea Italiana operates in all communication sectors, with an impressive portfolio that testifies to its extensive experience and projects for some of the world’s best known brands.

Italian style

Idea Italiana tackles every project with the creative approach that has made Italian style and design renowned the world over.

Solid foundations

Idea Italiana projects are formalised with a notarial act and offer clients guaranteed unity of intent, objectives and quality standards.


Big numbers,
but a single team.


communication partner



All for one.
The companies of Idea Italiana project.

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